Synchro Program

Revolution Ice Unity is a unique adult ice skating opportunity conveniently located in Central Pennsylvania. It is focused on a healthy blend of camaraderie and competition, built for established adults with busy lives. Get specifics on how we’ve structured our synchro program.

Practice Schedule

Our schedule was set with the simple goal of neatly fitting practice into the lives of our busy skaters. We practice:

  • 3-4 Saturday mornings monthly
  • 6-8 a.m. (usually)
  • Klick Lewis Arena in Annville, Pa.

*We welcome interested skaters to join us at an open house or upcoming practice for a private tryout (skills assessment) to see if RIU is a fit for you. However, we require advance notice. Please contact us to coordinate your visit.


Sept. 2023 to Feb. 2024

Saturday morning practices, usually from 6-8 a.m.; Three to four dates monthly determined by competition schedule and skater availability. Total on-ice practice time = ~31 hours.


Jan. through Feb. 2024

Regional, with an intent annually to participate at Easterns (Durham, NH), Colonials (Boston), and RSI (Hershey). Currently, we compete at the Open Adult level.


April to Aug. 2024

Our off-season schedule is determined by team vote. In 2023, we practiced once per month on Saturday mornings during the off-season.

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Our home rink is Klick Lewis Arena in Annville, Pa. (101 Landings Drive, Annville, PA 17003).

Central Pennsylvania is an easy drive from several regional metropolitan areas and their surrounding suburbs. In fact, our group currently draws skaters from as far away as Gettysburg, York, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City, N.J.!


The flexibility of our team’s model allows for ultimate fine-tuning to meet the needs of our adult synchro skating group. We invest your money where it matters, and cut corners where it doesn’t. Our team is entirely run by our skaters, who volunteer for RIU in their own areas of knowledge and skill. We are self-coached (our instructors don’t receive a stipend), and we only pay for the ice we use. We are creative in how we procure team needs, and we pass the savings on to our skaters. Most importantly, our skaters have a vote on every aspect of the RIU experience, including cost drivers.

Monthly Dues (Ice Rental) —Range is Approximately $100-125

We survey the team before each season to assess the amount of practice we think is necessary for a competitive season. This determines total ice rental cost, which is split out equally among the total number of participants. However, know that we are building this program for you and will adjust to meet your needs alongside the rest of the team—rates subject to change.

Additional Fees

In addition to monthly dues, skaters should plan for some additional costs assessed separately, including a registration fee, competition fees, competition dress costs, and US Figure Skating membership. Firm costs will be available before you are required to make a commitment for the upcoming season.

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Sessions are led by Kasey Jordan, Intermediate division synchro skating national silver medalist with Team Reflections Synchronized Skating Team (2010) and Nanette Horner, former professional skater (Ice Capades) and a longtime synchronized skater.

Necessary Skating Skills

Revolution Ice Unity welcomes skaters ages 18+. We have a balanced mix of teammates in their 20s-60s and roster up to 16 skaters and four alternates each season. 

Our team is not a beginner team, although we are not an ultra-competitive Adult division team, either. Participants at the Open Adult level must own their own skates and should be working towards executing the following elements comfortably in a competition setting:

  • Forwards and backwards stroking (also with Chasses or Progressives)
  • Forwards and backwards crossovers
  • 3-turns
  • Power turns
  • Mohawks 
  • Swing rolls
  • Cross rolls
  • Single and 1.5 Twizzles
  • Rockers and Counters—a plus 


Our goal is to help all skaters grow their skills and become competition ready. However, we know this takes time. For those not yet ready to enter the spotlight, joining RIU as an alternate is a great first step into synchro. Alternates train, practice, and travel with our team without the stress of competing until they are ready. Alternates share registration fee and ice rental costs with our competitive skaters but are not required to pay competition fees.

Join us at an upcoming practice for a private tryout (skills assessment). Read and learn more about synchro program components and the various divisions of competition for adult synchro skating teams.

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