Revolution Ice Unity:
Adult Synchronized Skating

Revolution Ice Unity is an independent, adult synchronized skating team for adults with busy lives. The team was founded in 2020 by a group of seasoned, medal-winning Central Pennsylvania skaters. We are managed entirely by our skaters and are not affiliated with a local club. Currently, we compete at the Open Adult level.

Looking for an entirely different adult ice skating opportunity? This is it.

Find Your Place

Revolution Ice Unity synchro skaters firmly believe there is a place on the ice for everyone willing to put in the work. We invite you to find your place with us as we grow our skills together and watch skating dreams become reality.

RIU is passionate about sharing this life-changing sport with like-minded friends and adults new to figure skating. All are welcome here, because synchro is for everyone—including you.

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2023-24 Season: Come Skate with Us!

Revolution Ice Unity is excited to compete again during the 2023-24 synchronized skating season. We recruit year round, so plan to join us at an upcoming practice for a private tryout. See what it means to be a part of the RIU family. You can count on sincerity, openness, friendship, and fun.

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Our Founding Principles

RIU adult synchro skaters proudly share three core beliefs that define our culture:

  • A love of skating
  • A desire to share an equal voice in team decision-making, and 
  • A commitment to nurturing skater relationships both on and off the ice

Read about our history and vision, and learn how this unique team was born.

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Get It Called Shares RIU’s Story

Get It Called, founded in 2010 by two former Team USA competitors, is a website working to bring the U.S. synchronized skating community together on one interface. In September 2021, they shared Revolution Ice Unity’s story with their 6,000+ followers on Facebook.

We appreciate the support of a large and well-connected adult skating community that celebrates skaters of all ages and ability levels!

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Adult Synchronized Skating Program

Synchronized skating is a highly technical form of team skating where teams of eight to 20 skaters perform side by side on the ice. Synchro teams demonstrate speed, accuracy, transitions, and intricate formations. 

Read specifics about RIU’s synchro skating program—for adults 18+ only—and learn what you can expect as a team member. See why this Central Pennsylvania figure skating option is the right choice for you.

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Meet the Team

Get to know the skaters you will soon come to regard as family. Each is an impressive individual with a story all her own. Several formerly skated with Team Reflections Synchronized Skating Team and bring a wide background within the sport. But, what they share is their passion for adult synchro skating.

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Golden Touch Blog

We believe in listening, and we value what our skaters have to say. The Golden Touch blog shares our team’s collective stories as we push ourselves to grow together as adult synchronized skaters—and as friends.

What to Wear at Practice

Kasey Jordan, Revolution Ice Unity skater and instructor, recommends comfortable—and functional—clothing for adult synchro skaters.

A Letter to My Future Self

When Liese Piper wrote her “letter to my future self” years ago, this hockey-player-turned-synchro-skater didn’t see synchro coming.

Revolution Ice Unity is a proud, independent member of U.S. Figure Skating.