Meet the Team

It’s time to meet the team! Revolution Ice Unity skaters share a history together, but each individual plays an important role as part of this group of Open Adult division champions—including new teammates. Read our skaters’ bios and get to know each of us better.

A Skating Sisterhood Unrivaled

We’re passionate about adult ice skating, and we’ve met some of our very best friends on the ice. Together, we’ve shared everything life brings—marriages, divorces, births, loss of loved ones, health challenges, professional achievements, retirements, and all the smaller moments in between where life is lived. We are there for each other, and no matter the challenge put before a skater, this group stands united behind her. Period.

It’s hard to make new friends as established adults, and our adult synchro skating sisters are grateful to share a special connection. You can be a part of that, too! Meet the team.

Revolution Ice Unity Skaters

Revolution Ice Unity skater Ashley Andyshak Hayes

Ashley Andyshak Hayes

Years Skating Synchro: 11

Favorite Element: Wheel and Circle

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Yasmeen Benamar

Years Skating Synchro: 2 (but 11 years skating)

Favorite Element: Intersection

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Lydia D.

Years Skating Synchro: 2 (but 4 years skating)

Favorite Element: Wheel

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Nanette Horner

Years Skating Synchro: 16

Favorite Element: The Iron Lotus

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Kasey Jordan

Years Skating Synchro: 22

Favorite Element: Intersection

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Kristina Pae

Years Skating Synchro: 13

Favorite Element: Wheel

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Liese Piper

Years Skating Synchro: 2

Favorite Element: Intersection

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Chelsea Robbins

Profile forthcoming.

Erika Sheibley

Years Synchro Skating: 14

Favorite Element: Traveling Wheel

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Hear from the Skaters

Revolution Ice Unity is a sisterhood of Central Pennsylvania figure skating devotees. We’re glad you took some time to meet the team and hope you’ll consider joining in on the fun with RIU! Read more stories on the Golden Touch blog and see why our skaters’ commitment to our team and each other is unbreakable.

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Revolution Ice Unity is a proud, independent member of U.S. Figure Skating.