About Our Team

Revolution Ice Unity is Central Pennsylvania’s only independent adult synchro skating team. Curious about what makes us different? Let’s get started.

RIU is self-managed by its skaters and competes at the Open Adult level. Our group shares a love of skating, a desire for all voices to be heard, and a commitment to nurturing the personal bond between skaters. We also love to have fun—and win medals—together!

We believe that driven women can have it all! Besides being disciplined athletes, our skaters are committed wives and mothers, highly successful professionals and influencers, and passionate community leaders. 

Opportunities for adult ice skating have never been better—join us at an upcoming practice to learn more!

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Our History: 13 Years of Gold

Revolution Ice Unity’s founders share 13 years of success skating together on different well-known teams including Team Reflections Synchronized Skating Team and the Fondy Blades. We’ve topped the podium countless times, capturing gold medals from major East Coast competitions including: U.S. Figure Skating Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships, Dr. Richard Porter Synchronized Classic, Colonial Classic Synchronized Skating Competition, and Reflections Synchro Invitational. We are grateful for the coaches, teammates, and skating clubs that grew us into the skaters we are today.

But, the world changed with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, we discovered that we changed, too. This “universal pause” planted the seed of something new—a desire to create and grow an independent skating experience that could adapt to the specific needs of our skaters and unlock their unlimited creativity and potential.

So, we did.

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“…Of the skaters, by the skaters, for the skaters…”

-Revolution Ice Unity (Founded July 7, 2020)

Our Promise: A Culture of Democracy

Revolution Ice Unity was created “of the skaters, by the skaters, and for the skaters.” We believe in pride of ownership and needs being met. We believe in listening more than talking. We understand that each skater matters as a person and that it’s the little things we choose to do that make the difference between good and great—or silver and gold!

RIU culture is based on respect, transparency, and democracy. But, our defining qualities are inclusivity and independence.


RIU is rooted in an inclusive culture where skaters are treated with equality and equity. The ice is always a safe space to try new things and grow as a team. Everyone is treated with respect, no matter their role on the team or level of skill. We expect our skaters to speak up if something doesn’t look or sound right. And, we expect our teammates to be open listeners as we work to solve problems together.


RIU is independent by design… so we can do things differently. Although we are registered through U.S. Figure Skating for the purpose of competing, we are not affiliated with a local skating club. This gives our skaters complete say over all elements of our team’s management, including: budget, practice schedules, program elements, competitions, travel, competition attire, music selection, choreography, and more. 

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About Our Name

Curious about our name, Revolution Ice Unity? Here’s where it came from and why it represents our group so well!


DEFINITION: “A group that rises up in favor of a new system.”

Simply put, we want to do things differently and break old stereotypes of the figure skating world.

We seek to know what is most important to our skaters and adjust our model to meet their needs.

Ice Unity

DEFINITION: This part of the name pays tribute to a favorite world-level synchronized skating team, Marigold IceUnity (Finland).

This Senior-level team never fails to create edgy, inventive programs that push the rules and the growth of the sport.

We are inspired to follow MIU’s lead—and never want to comply solely for the sake of the judges’ favor. Our goal is to push ourselves to be a little bit better, a little bit more innovative, and a little more challenged every day. Additionally, we are united in our desire to create and grow something new.

Meet Our Skaters

Revolution Ice Unity: Golden Touch Blog

Before they formed RIU, Central Pennsylvania’s premier independent adult synchro skating team, many of these ladies won medals together for 12 years as a part of Team Reflections Synchronized Skating Team. Hear why synchro skating—and competing together—brings them joy unrivaled.

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Revolution Ice Unity is a proud, independent member of U.S. Figure Skating.