Kristina Pae

Skater’s Story

Kristina Pae lives in Etters, Pa. She is married to Dan, and together they have two sons: James (9) and David (7). Kristina is the director of integrated marketing at Milton Hershey School.

Kristina wanted to skate her entire life and never had the chance until she was an adult. During her last semester of college at Penn State (University Park), she took her first learn-to-skate class and loved it! When Kristina started her professional career in Harrisburg, Pa., she found a local learn-to-skate program and continued working on her skills. Five years later and no longer beginners, that core group morphed into an adult synchro skating team—competing together for the next 12 years. Kristina is excited for this new opportunity with Revolution Ice Unity and to see where the group’s creativity and passion take them.

“I’m passionate about synchro skating—and my ‘happy place’ is being on the ice with this incredible group of women!”

-Kristina Pae, Revolution Ice Unity Skater

Fast Facts

Years Skating Synchro: 13 years

Favorite Synchro Element: Wheel

Best Competition Moment: The year our former team skated to a Michael Jackson medley, one of our teammates took a scary fall at Colonials mid-program and hit her head on the ice. Showing true grit, she got back up and finished the program with blood running down her face. Immediately afterwards off ice, another teammate who is a doctor removed her single white glove—naturally part of the competition attire since we were skating to MJ—and used it to clean up blood as she tended to our teammate’s injury. Thankfully, our teammate was okay, and we ended up winning the gold!

Most-Loved Program Song: It’s a tie between a medley inspired by “The Great Gatsby” movie music and a Michael Jackson medley. Nothing gets your blood pumping at a 5:30 a.m. practice quite like the King of Pop.

Happiest Moment with the Team: There are many. One particular favorite was in 2014 when we earned our first medal, a bronze, at Easterns. We weren’t on anyone’s radar, as a new team with a last-place finish the year before. In 2014, we were one of 17 teams in our division, and we qualified for the championship round… and then skated on to secure the bronze. Many medals, including gold, were to come for our group, but that bronze medal still holds the top spot in my heart because it was the moment we “arrived.”

In Her Own Words

“This special group of people epitomizes the concept of team. I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and since then, some additional autoimmune-related issues. I have been able to continue skating competitively thanks to their support, love, and patience. They literally keep me balanced on mornings where my body isn’t cooperating with me. Additionally, they’ve been active annual participants with and donors to my Walk MS team. I feel so blessed to have them in my life as my skating sisters. Our bond transcends the skating rink.”

Revolution Ice Unity teammates put on skates

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  • Unity Isn’t Cancelled

    How Revolution Ice Unity Put Team Voice First

    All things considered, it’s been an incredible second season for Revolution Ice Unity, Central Pennsylvania’s only independent adult synchronized skating team. Born in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, we’ve come so far since our founding—we’ve perfected how to run a smart, efficient, cost-effective, and balanced adult synchro skating program.

    Team Opportunities for Adult Figure Skaters

    Year #2 has been a year of more exciting firsts for RIU, providing incredible opportunities for adult skaters looking to find their “people” within a sport we universally love. Specific areas of team pride during the 2021-22 season include:

    • Rolling out a new logo and website so the world could see who Revolution Ice Unity is and what we stand for. We’re here to be the team for the everywoman… for the busy adult working a fast-paced job and juggling responsibilities at home and in the community but who also wants a little piece of something special all to herself.
    • Recruiting three new teammates and teaching them to embrace a new side of adult figure skating as a cohesive unit.
    • Establishing a regular training schedule and coming together two to three Saturdays each month to work on our fierce 2021-22 season program.
    • Creating an e-store for easy purchase of required team gear and lots of fun extras for wearing when we are off ice and around town.
    • Scouring U.S. Figure Skating’s rulebook to ensure we are following all regulations as we lock in our program steps.
    • Procuring fun, appropriate, cost-effective competition outfits and accessories… including RIU-branded fake tattoos!
    • Navigating all the necessities of registering for and planning travel logistics for out-of-town competitions.

    Hard Choices

    Central Pennsylvania figure skating opportunities have never been better for adults, and Revolution Ice Unity is so excited to join this longstanding legacy. Words don’t capture how proud I am, personally, of this smart, dedicated, and resourceful group of women and all we have achieved together this year.

    It was all going so perfectly and according to plan. And then, omicron hit.

    As we watched Pennsylvania COVID positivity rates climb throughout the month of December, we started to feel some concern. Our worst fears were unfolding before our eyes, with the newest COVID surge continuing into January and bringing community positivity levels to record levels.

    We’ve managed to avoid any teammate getting sick from COVID up to this point, thanks to our mitigation efforts. But this highly transmissible variant changed the rules. Between multiple incidences of direct exposure to family members and skaters, themselves, falling ill, it was a rough early January for RIU with several disruptions.

    All of a sudden, we were faced with hard questions and a new choice. Was it safe enough to participate in our upcoming competitions, the Eastern Sectional Synchronized Skating Championships (Boston) and Reflections Synchro Invitational (Hershey) in a mere few weeks? Would we have healthy skaters? With this unpredictable situation, would we be able to keep the practices needed to be fully prepared? Was it safe to practice even as a small group?

    A Unanimous Call

    Mid-January, we came to a decision point. Revolution Ice Unity called an emergency team meeting (via Zoom) to discuss the situation. Each skater had the opportunity to speak her opinion, and everyone spoke to the need to keep skater safety as our top priority. And as a result, we voted unanimously to pull out of both competitions and suspend practice until COVID numbers returned to more reasonable levels.

    I thought I was proud to call myself an RIU skater before! Wow. I realized again, in this moment, that this team is so much more than a medal. It is more than a shared goal or a common love for an activity. This team is about the people.

    Am I sad? Yes. Disappointed? Certainly. Did we take a financial hit? Yes. But, as they say, three’s a charm—and next year, RIU year #3, is going to be worth the wait. Watching each individual skater this past week double down on her intentions to continuing working towards our  incredible big debut was nearly as good as gold.

    This week made me realize how perfect our team name really is—and that unity isn’t cancelled.

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