On-ice close up of RIU synchro skater Lydia D.
Skating Love,  Team Focus

My Favorite Things about RIU

As the Revolution Ice Unity adult synchro skating team member newest to skating, I’ve really loved being a part of RIU since joining this summer! I skated recreationally in middle and high school, but never super consistently due to other interests and commitments. Getting back in skates this year has been one of my favorite things about “post-pandemic” life!

Some of my favorite things about adult ice skating and this team include:

The Team Camaraderie

Everyone is so welcoming and inclusive! I was unsure about joining a synchro team initially with my limited experience, but everyone has been extremely supportive. Even in the early morning practices, we bring high energy levels because we’re all so excited to be there.

It’s been incredibly rewarding to see progress each week. From getting my twizzles in my own practices, to celebrating staying connected in the traveling circle, we all celebrate each other’s wins. If one of us wants to review the program steps outside of practice, or even meet for a public skate or freestyle session, we’re quick to jump in. We also have a great schedule of fun team outings including after-practice breakfasts. I’m especially excited for our first competition trip to Easterns.

The Skating

As someone who participated in a variety of sports growing up, I was always drawn to ice skating but never had the opportunity to try it out. Now that I’m an adult, I decided to give it a shot! I’m learning so much each practice both on my own during the week, and at our team weekend practices. It’s exciting to try something new later in life and discover a new passion!

The Friendships

The fact that synchro takes a typically individual sport and transforms it into a team effort is part of what makes it so special. Unlike some individual sports that many adults partake in (maybe running or biking), in synchro we are judged as a team. This format creates a dependency on each other and genuine friendships as a result. Especially in the work-from-home environment, I’ve enjoyed meeting other women who have a common interest. When we skate, we have to work together to create our lines and shapes and stay on time. It’s amazing to see it come together over the course of a season so far!