Yasmeen Benamar

Skater’s Story

Yasmeen Benamar lives in Enola, Pa. She has a cat named Mochi: Fun Fact—She’s actually allergic to cats! Currently, she is an undergraduate student at Penn State University.

Yasmeen first started skating when she was in elementary school, but stopped for several years before deciding to pick it back up as an adult. Although almost a decade has passed since her first lesson, she’s now at a point where she feels comfortable branching out beyond skating lessons—and joining a team like RIU!    

“Ice skating is an incredible experience, but what makes it even better is that I’m able to share it with this group!”

-Yasmeen Benamar, Revolution Ice Unity Skater

Fast Facts

Years Skating Synchro: 11 years skating—second year for synchro!

Favorite Synchro Element: Intersection

Best Competition Moment: Looking forward to competing with RIU!

Future Program Song Request: Maybe “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles?

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