Access all of the Revolution Ice Unity team-specific information and resources you need from the convenience of one page. Please note—this page is unlisted, meaning it cannot be found via Google search. However, it is not private. Anyone with the link can view information shared here (so please share sparingly).

Upcoming Practice Dates

  • Sept. 11: (First practices of the synchro season!)
  • Sept. 18
  • Sept. 25
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Summer 2021 Skater Availability Poll—for Public Skate Meet Ups

Sikumi Club (USFSA) Membership

Visit and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Find Your Home Club” under the “Membership/Testing” header
  • Search for “Sikumi Figure Skating Club” in the search bar and click “Go to club”
  • Under “New Members,” click “Apply for Membership.” You will need to create a new family account, unless you are or have been a member of Sikumi in the past. 
  • Once you create your account and click the validation link sent to your email, you can proceed to complete your membership. It will take a few days for new memberships to upload to the US Figure Skating system.

Once you have your USFS membership number, please email it to Ashley so she can add you to the roster.

Summer 2021 Monthly Payments/Dues

For the summer, RIU skaters agreed to set pricing at the beginning of each month based on skater stated availability. It breaks out to approximately $55/practice. To keep things fair, if someone has a late call out, we respectfully ask that they pay for the practice since they were previously factored into our headcount.

How to Pay

Please sign into Venmo and send your payment to our group account. You can find it through our Venmo username, @revolution-ice-unity or our email address ( Or, if you’d prefer to pay via check, you can give it to me on Saturday or mail it to me at Kristina Pae (5 St. Andrews Way, Etters, PA 17319).

Team Blogging Schedule—Please Sign Up!

What Is Needed

  • 300-500 words of authentic text (like a diary entry or telling a story)
  • Submitted photo(s) if possible
  • Theme can be ANYTHING… just needs a loose tie to skating/synchro skating
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2021-22 Competitive Season

Monthly Costs: Tentative (as of 8/19/21)

In September, we’ll shift to a fixed monthly cost regardless of practice attendance. If you commit to skating the season, you’ll pay monthly dues that don’t fluctuate. 

Total fixed cost for the season, per skater, should be approximately $800. Exact payment schedule will be available in August.

Please note—this total does not include the following items, which will be established at different points across the season by the group and broken out evenly. As always, RIU seeks to be as economical possible and will strive to meet the group’s needs. Additionally, some of these items (team gear and dresses) will be one-time purchases used for many seasons:

  • US Figure Skating individual membership (paid by each skater): ~$100
  • Competition dress: ~$150
  • Team gear: ~$100
  • Lodging and travel expenses (x2 competitions): TBD
  • Practice ice rental at competitions (x2): TBD
  • Professional photography at competitions: TBD

Practice and Competition Schedule

Revolution Ice Unity is still working on final details with its practice and competition schedule, but this version is close to complete. Please mark these dates in your calendars to hold them open!

Download the Schedule