Rachel Fox-Johnson

Skater’s Story

Rachel Fox-Johnson lives in Mechanicsburg, Pa. She and her husband, Lucas, have been together for six years and were married in 2019. They are a blended family with their three daughters: Taylor (13) and Haley (11) from Rachel’s first marriage, and Stella (10) from Lucas’ first marriage. They also have a son together, Leland (3), and a 5-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier named Callie.

Lucas and Rachel both share a continued love for the sports they did when they were growing up. When they first met, they realized that Lucas always had a baseball bag in his trunk and Rachel always had her skating bag in hers. Even though neither had been active in their sports for a number of years, they still tried to do them enough that they wanted their gear right there all the time—and their sports had continued to be a deeply ingrained part of our identities. Now for about three years, Lucas has played baseball in adult leagues and has encouraged Rachel to get back into skating again, as well.

Rachel was a medic/healthcare specialist in the PA Army National Guard from high school until 2019 when she retired. She has an associate’s degree in physical therapy and worked as a physical therapist assistant until her oldest daughter was born in 2009. Then she completed a bachelor’s degree in sports management. She utilized that degree in a civilian position as the PA Army National Guard Child & Youth Program Coordinator for a few years. Throughout most of the past 13 years however, in addition to this, Rachel had her most rewarding career as a professional nanny and was able to also care for her kids at the same time. 

The Joy of Skating

Rachel started skating at age 6 after attending her local end-of-the-season ice show where she grew up in Fond du Lac, WI. When she was in junior high, her skating club started their first synchro teams, which were then called “Precision.” She joined immediately and although she continued to skate individually as well, Rachel loved the team feeling and interaction of being on her Precision Team, The Fondy Blades. She stopped skating competitively in high school due to a number of factors, but continued to skate recreationally because of her love for the sport. Several years later as an adult, Rachel’s husband encouraged her to do more for herself—so she decided to look into synchro again and found Revolution Ice Unity.

Rachel loves being a nanny/stay-at-home mom, but it can be isolating, so between that and also recently retiring from the Army and losing the social element that came along with going to my monthly drills, she decided that joining this team was something she had to do.

“Ever since I was a young teen, I have loved synchronized skating for the sense of community in what is otherwise a pretty individualized sport. I’m excited to have that feeling again as an adult. I think a lot of times both stay-at-home moms like me, as well as working moms, can feel isolated, and I think joining a team like this is a great way to combat that feeling. “

-Rachel Fox-Johnson, Revolution Ice Unity Skater

Fast Facts

Years Skating Synchro: 6 years

Favorite Synchro Element: Pivoting block, but I really love seeing all of the elements working together in a routing.

Best Competition Moment: It has been a very long time since I competed at all, but I just remember how fun it was spending time with my friends and the excitement of competing and watching the other teams. Also, The Blades have always been and still continue to be a very good team, so winning most of the time didn’t hurt either.

Most-Loved Program Song: My favorite solo skating song was Flash Dance, and my favorite synchro song was a song from one of the Star Wars movies.

Happiest Moment with the Team: I’m just looking forward to a fun season, having fun and gaining some new friends along the way. 

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