Marty Woodfin

Skater’s Story

Marty and her husband, Regan, moved to Hershey eight years ago from western Maryland. She is a pediatric nurse, and they moved here for employment at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. She works as a RN in the Pediatric Specialties clinic there.

Marty grew up in Washington, D.C. and always loved when she could go skating for fun. Her family didn’t live close to a rink, so it was only an occasional activity. Fast forward many decades later to 2022, when a friend at work mentioned she and her husband were taking learn-to-skate lessons. Marty perked right up at the thought of someone nearing retirement learning to skate, and thought, ‘Then why not me?!’ She followed her friend’s lead and signed right up. Marty was very excited to find a healthy stress outlet during the pandemic. It was such a great feeling to be gliding across the ice and leaving her cares behind.

On a visit to Panera shortly after that, a flyer for Revolution Ice Unity’s open house to recruit new members caught her attention. She had never heard of synchro! She read about the team on this website, and then she really wanted to find out more. The team invited her to come skate with them, and that was all it took—she was hooked!

“I have felt so fortunate to be welcomed by such a warm group of talented skaters. They inspire me to become more skilled in my skating abilities with the goal of competing with them someday.”

-Marty Woodfin, Revolution Ice Unity Skater

Fast Facts

Years Skating Synchro: 1

Favorite Synchro Element: Intersection

Best Competition Moment: Being at Easterns this year and congratulating the team with chocolate roses as they came off the ice.

Happiest Moment with the Team: The opportunity to travel to Easterns together and watch RIU compete for the first time as an independent team!

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