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5 Reasons to Love Synchro

Revolution Ice Unity skater and instructor, Kasey Jordan, shares reflections on 20 years of participating in this addicting and fun sport with both Team Reflections Synchronized Skating Team and Revolution Ice Unity. Adult synchronized skaters can expect a different—but equally rewarding—experience than that of youth skaters. We know you will love synchro… here are five (of many) reasons why.

1. Challenge Yourself

As if skating alone wasn’t hard enough, right?! Synchro is about the precision of eight-20 individual skaters moving as one, doing the exact same thing at the exact same time (read exact US Figure Skating synchro rules here). You know your team is doing it right when the synchronicity of the choreography and steps make the judges and fans gasp, clap, and cheer. Synchro isn’t like any type of skating you’ve ever seen before… which brings me to my next reason. 

2. Unique Sport

Have you ever tried to explain synchro to someone? The look on their face is priceless, isn’t it? They might seem interested and confused at the same time, eventually saying something like “Oh, like synchronized swimming?” Yes… but no. I’m always proud to show people a video of the team skating or invite them to come see us skate live because synchro is a unique experience for everyone. I love synchro, and I know they will, too.

3. Great Exercise

It can be difficult to fit regular exercise into a busy schedule which is a great reason to skate synchro. It might be hard to imagine sweating in a cold rink, but trust me, you will be working hard enough to break a sweat easily. Synchro incorporates the use of muscles you probably never knew you had! You will get faster and stronger, learn balance and grace, and increase your endurance every time you step on the ice. This sport gives you the best full-body workout to get in shape without spending hours in a gym. PS—You’ll love synchro and be having fun while doing it!

4. Make New Friends

Let’s be real for a minute. Making friends as an adult is HARD. A typical day consists of going to work, running the kids around, sitting in traffic, cleaning the house, making dinner, and passing out on the couch by 9 o’clock. Goodbye, social life! But it’s actually really important for your overall wellbeing to have a group of like-minded people with similar interests in your life and that’s exactly what synchro gives you. The friends you make on the ice are friends who stick with you off the ice too. Adult synchro skating friends are the people you call when you need to vent or ask for advice. They will be the friends you invite to celebrate life’s milestones. They will be your biggest cheerleaders and your truest friends. They will become your family. 

5. Travel

One of my favorite parts about synchro is traveling. I’ve seen so many amazing cities and sites throughout the country over the last 20 years that I would not have had the opportunity to see if it weren’t for skating competitions. Plus, it’s a really good excuse to take a mini vacation during the winter months (bring the family, too!). In addition to the competition, we always make time to explore the city, go out to eat, and drink, shop, and maybe (definitely) engage in a few shenanigans when we are supposed to be resting in our hotel rooms.

Trust me when I tell you that there is nothing better than spending the weekend with your favorite people doing something you all love!